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ABQ Reads

In 2017 Albuquerque Reads moved from Wherry to Whittier, and we are so glad to have them here! 

ABQ Reads: 

 Is a partnership with Albuquerque Public Schools and CGI.

 Pairs a kindergarten student with a volunteer creating a strong bond between tutor and student and aids in literacy development.

 Is composed of three 30-minute weekly tutoring sessions taking place September through April.

 Is a student-centered program with emphasis on all aspects of reading.

 Is designed to be multi-sensory and includes interactive activities.

 Provides a book a month and two Reading Goodie Packs (December & April) to every student.

 Gives 20 books throughout the year to each student.

 Is completely grant and donation supported.

 Has a uniquely designed and highly structured curriculum that aligns with Common Core and APS standards.

 Tutoring sessions are built into the students’ school & in conjunction with current classroom learning.