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Whittier Health Office Healthy Students Learn Better, School Nurses Make it Happen

Welcome to the Whittier Health Office!

The Health Office will join with teachers, counselors, and staff in providing holistic services that consider the whole child, their family, and the Whittier community in our delivery of care.  We can provide the usual services like screenings , injury triage,  Band-Aids, TLC-Tender Loving Care,  and "Nurse Crackers" but our services don't stop there. We will also be in touch with you to continue case management of chronic illnesses, answer any health questions, review immunizations, discuss health reports needed for special programming such as IEPs, 504s, and Special Education. We will also seek to provide a safe and comforting place to rest when things get hard to handle whether that be at school or at home.

Nurse's Office

APS Nursing. Hands holing a heart stethascope

Contact your School Nurse for:

  • Immunization requirements for school attendance
  • Medications at school
  • Help with health referrals


Contact Information

Whittier's Nurse (Tina Huggins) and Health Assistant (Elizabeth Aronson) can be reached by calling the school at 505-255-2008 and Pressing 3.

Nurse: Tina Huggins, BSN, RN, NCSN
Phone: (505) 255-2008 xt.29204

Health Assistant: Elizabeth Aronson

Mission Statement

APS Nurses uniquely enhance the educational process for

APS students by utilizing a standards/evidence-based

practice to help students achieve academic excellence and to

promote a quality, safe learning and working environment.


Health Resources